Travino Construction Update | Spring 2017

Spring is – finally – here and our crew’s diligence over the winter months is showing! Travino Square’s exterior is close to completion and we are receiving a lot of compliments on the stunning aesthetic. The siding was finished this week and the finishing touches on the building exterior are underway.

But what about inside? It’s a flurry of activity! Drywall has been completed throughout the building and we’re nearing the final painting phase. Flooring has been installed and testing of our advanced soundproofing system has been completed. It is working just as it should and we know our homeowners are going to be impressed!

Kitchens and bathrooms are really coming together with cabinets, tile, countertops and fixtures. Interior doors are in place with door handles and lighting and hardware is being installed. Last, but not least, all custom fireplaces have been installed and mantels are being placed this week. We’ve even dusted so you can see these beautiful homes coming to life.

Travino Landing is still in the early stages of construction but now that the underground parking is completed – framing for the building is fully underway!

See more photos of Travino Square and Travino Landing on our Facebook page.

– The Travino Team @ Mike Geric Construction

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