The Buildings

Travino includes 250 new condominiums in five distinct buildings that range from 4 to 6 storeys in height. Each building has been carefully-designed to complement its surroundings and to take advantage of its location and views – all while contributing to the creation of a welcoming community.

Better Buildings Make Better Homes

Quiet Homes - Advanced Sound Proofing


One of the most important considerations for Travino homebuyers is soundproofing. Mike Geric Construction uses some of the most advanced soundproofing materials and techniques available – and the results are impressive. Tests of floor/ceiling construction show performance that exceeds concrete buildings!

Homeowners can be comfortable knowing they will be able to enjoy their own music, television and laughter – not their neighbours’! And there’s no tiptoeing required as impact sounds, shocks and vibrations are significantly reduced between floors, ceilings and walls.

Mike Geric Construction’s leadership in soundproofing has been recognized with a CARE Award for Innovation  by the Victoria Residential Builders Association.

How Travino Building Measure Up

Impact Noise – FHC 66

This rating reflects the sound absorbing qualities of impact sounds like walking. FHC 66 is considered an excellent rating for limiting impact sounds between homes.

Sound Transmissions – STC 60

Travino buildings are constructed with sound transmission effectiveness that’s 100% better than required by BC Building Code*. Airborne sounds like talking and TVs will be greatly reduced * BC Building Code requires a minimum STC 50. An increase of 10 in STC measurement means sound transmission effectiveness increases 100%.

Energy Efficiency

Each building at Travino is built using the latest technologies and quality materials to create comfortable homes, healthy spaces and maximize energy efficiency.


Why does Travino use central heating and cooling instead of baseboard heaters?

Simply put, it’s the most energy efficient option for our climate and provides our homeowners heating AND cooling, which is controlled within each home to maintain year-round comfort.

Travino’s variable refrigerant flow (VRF) system uses rooftop heat pumps to deliver heating or cooling to a hidden and whisper-quiet system in each home. The system is so efficient because it either uses or rejects heat from the outside air and moves it to where it is required – only generating new heat when it is needed. Homeowners can enjoy ideal temperatures as well as a future proofed system that is 4 times more efficient than electric heating.


Travino features James Hardie® siding with ColorPlus® Technology – a revolutionary finish technology and colour process that provides a superior siding solution. Homeowners at Travino will have less maintenance and lower costs for years to come because of high quality product choices like this one. ColorPlus® is a durable, low-maintenance finish that lasts longer , has 30 % better fade resistance and adheres up to 400% better than any other paint available.

¹James Hardie accelerated QUV test results compared to nationally available premium paint in lab environment. James Hardie accelerated weathering with adhesion test with brush-applied national paint in lab environment.



Come for the luxury and stay for the cost and energy savings of natural gas at Travino. Travino features gourmet natural gas ranges and BBQ connections for a premium and a convenient cooking experience inside and out. Cozy up to your custom-designed gas fireplace and enjoy dry clothes faster in the high-efficiency gas dryers located in each Travino laundry room.

We also chose natural gas to power the solar-assisted water heating (when it’s not using the sun of course) and central heating and cooling VRF system at Travino. Heating your condominium and water can consume more than 75% of the total energy used in your home. Natural gas is clean, efficient and when used in conjunction with our innovative technologies it’s energy efficiency and low cost simply can’t be beat!